The blockchain symbolises a shift in power from the centers to the edges of the networks. William Mougayar


We are entrepreneurs who provide capital, skills, and industry knowledge to Web3 founders. We are searching for the next exponential networks and see blockchain at the heart of this opportunity. As the crypto ecosystem matures, so does our conviction that blockchain, decentralisation, and open-source code will be the fundamental building blocks of our future; code will not only be a force for re-architecting our economies but also act as a catalyst for rapid innovation and growth.


Gonzague is based in Paris and is an affiliate founding partner of True Global Venture, one of the first global technology equity funds entirely dedicated to blockchain, where he serves on the Entertainment Investment Committee. Gonzague is particularly focused on business development and strategy.
Timothy is based in London. He is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with over 15 years of experience investing in disruptive technologies. Timothy sits on the advisory board of Deltec Investment Group and is an advisor of Genesis DAO. Timothy is particularly focused on security, the technology stack, and token economics.
Nicolas spent most of his career in the UK, in California and is now based in Paris. He is a digital transformation expert with 20 years of experience. He was the CMO and founding member of la Collection and currently sits on Particle's advisory board. Before web3, Nicolas was the CMO of Sears and the director of marketing innovation for the Mulliez Family Office (Auchan, Decathlon, etc.). Nicolas specialises in go-to-market strategies and community management.


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